The dental implant is a modern alternative and replacement to the tooth, effectively mimicking the entire structure instead of merely working as a mask. The unique thing about the dental implants SA is that it includes a titanium root designed for insertion into the bone. Dentists usually take advantage of it as a support for a dental crown, denture, or bridge. But the most exciting thing about the implant is that it could last a lifetime, provided the wearer religiously takes care of it.

Like all other dental procedures, some people might fear or become apprehensive in having dental implants since they believe it is a highly invasive procedure. Nevertheless, there are situations when it is the only practical solution to a problem, like that of replacing missing teeth. The truth is there is no need to worry about how the process will affect your level of comfort since the technology used in it will make sure that it’ll be as comfortable and quick as possible.

So, who is qualified to undergo dental implants? For starters, anyone who has one or more teeth missing as well as those who have decayed and broken teeth that’s irreparable will benefit from the implants. It also is the best alternative for people who no longer feel comfortable wearing dentures, bridge, or partial denture.

Back in the day, people who had pre-existing health conditions, as well as insufficient bone, weren’t qualified to undergo implants. On the other hand, things have changed dramatically over the past couple of decades; with the help of modern diagnostics and bone reconstruction technology, practically everyone can now undergo the dental implant procedure.

As mentioned earlier, another perk of an implant is that you get something that acts and behaves like natural teeth. Therefore, it will help you retain the inherent full chewing power of your original teeth. Some patients cannot even tell the difference between the old teeth and the implant. It means you will have a similar convenient experience in brushing and flossing.

The second crucial benefit of dental implants SA is they last for a long time if you follow the dentist’s advice on how to take care of it. While the conventional dental bridge will last about a decade, implants may be in your mouth for your entire lifetime. The fact that it is titanium is proof that it has what it takes to remain unscathed for decades to come. Since it integrates into the jawbone, you do not worry about it being unfit. In other words, it is by far the most effective type of tooth replacement.

If you are missing teeth or want to do away with your dentures, you should visit your dentist and ask about the prospect of having dental implants soon.